Dress I wore the other day when Mikey and I were roaming around. Same day when a woman called over to us, Mikey went up to the car (because of course she HAD to be talking to only him) and she told him she thought I was just the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen. And apparently her daughter in the car thought the same as well.

I think it is just nice that someone can see me like that, (*I really don’t care if you think I’m beautiful or not) but to actually see me as someone even though I have tattoos. I’m so used to people writing me off, especially older women (my mother included- she didn’t start being okay with my tattoos til just recently). It was a good day in the sun. And I really do love that dress.

*And please don’t give me that crap like “you don’t even have a lot of tattoosssss”, even if you only have one, or you’re completely covered, people still write you off. So shut it.

Posted on August/19/2011
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  1. npanc said: NEVERMIND, it is adorable. Haha.
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